SavoirSoft to Offer its Open-Publishing-Platform as Open-Source Software
Ensuring the distribution of written works to vast numbers of Internet users remains open to all writers and readers, students and teachers, and artists and their patrons. Watch for this release later in 2013.
SavoirSoft joins Mission Mainstreet's Support of Small Businesses
Connecting readers to writers and artists to patrons, SavoirSoft continues its mission of "open-publishing for all" through its support of authors, educators, composers, and all contributing creators everywhere.

Blogs & Discussions

Micro-Licensing -- Expanding the Success of Digital Publishing for Everyone
Licensing works-of-art empowers copyright owners to distribute digital versions of their works using open computing formats freely accessible by all computing devices while fortifying their copyright protections.
The Renaissance of Sustainable Publishing -- Device Convergence
How are publishers capturing immense, new growth and revenue opportunities in the Internet Age? They leverage open-publishing and micro-licensing, capitalizing on consumer electronics convergence.

Ideas & News Worth Reading

Court Rules Apple is Guilty of Price Fixing
In a 160 page ruling, the Federal District Court in New York ruled that Apple organized a conspiracy with the big-six publishers to raise eBook prices and thwart competition. Find the ruling here: DOJ vs Apple
Class Action Suit Again Publishing Monopoly
A major antitrust law firm has filed a class action suit against Amazon and all of the big-six publishers, alleging that the proprietary digital rights management tools they use on ebooks creates a monopoly.

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